Makeshift Home-Offices #Twerkfromhome

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Multiple Setups

With the new normal we're facing, working remotely has become even more prevalent and necessary than it already was. Who doesn't want to wear #athleisure 24/7 and be able to do a load of laundry between meetings?!?! Yes, there are many pros to working from home, but focus and overall productivity have been a challenge for some lately. You may not have a #Karen stopping by your office talking about her most recent #nailedit recipe, but you also may find yourself staring at a blank wall or outside wanting do do anything but your current task at hand.🤔

Just 30% of Workers Are More Productive Working From Home Than in an Office, Even as Remote Work Continues During the Coronavirus Pandemic" - prnewswire

During the initial lockdown, I found that having a few areas setup that provoked different feelings (#motivation, relaxation, #focus, etc.) other than my main office kept me extremely focused and productive. Some of the pictures in the grid above are examples of what you can do do mix it up a little, outside of a standard office location, whether it be the kitchen, a guest bedroom or relaxation nook. It doesn't have to be fancy, but as long as you have some designated areas in your home that can spice up your creativity then you're all set! A bonus is "mommy or daddy's office" now can be in more than one place so you can have some bonus quiet time? This may be a stretch but it's the thought that counts right?

Avoid Burnout - How to Have Your Space Motivate

  • Remove #clutter - Having fewer items in your working space will avoid distraction and help you focus.

  • Fresh flowers - Who needs your partner to get you flowers, treat yo-self each week to have an awesome fresh aroma to calm you down during a stressful presentation.

  • #Greenery - Incorporate some easy to maintain indoor plants that can increase productivity, reduce stress, promote #creativity and provides clean air!

  • Focal Point - Have an item that does nothing but bring you happiness be the focal point. It could be a family photo, an award that you kicked some bootaaaayyyy to achieve, a quote or whatever strikes your fancy. It's your space so you do you boo!

  • Be comfortable - Ensure you are comfortable with table height, chair and lighting for those long meetings. Want to make sure your main working areas are #ergonomic. My makeshift kitchen space isn't ergonomically correct, but I only sit there long enough to get a different vibe and keep my mojo flowing and it works for me.

Remote working is here to stay for a while so let's make the best of it Home-es! HbH would love to help you setup a space or two that makes you so happy you want to #twerkfromhome 😊😂If you're already rocking a great remote area, comment below and show off your work!

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